Call Centre Services

Call Centre Services
Call Centre Services

Call Centre Out-Sourcing

When using services with WISE you can take pride and be confident in the fact that you are supporting your local community, providing jobs and opportunities.

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Customer Service: Whether In-bound, Out-bound or Help Desk- you can rest assured that our team will handle your customers with the up most care and concern.


Sales: Our Out-bound sales team is trained to sell to your customers in a way to keep them happy, not harassed. A happy customer is a long-time customer! With well-informed customers, we can guarantee strong warm leads for your Sales Staff!

Follow-Ups: Leave your Sales staff to do what they do best-SELL! We can offer follow-up services to make sure that your customers were happy with their services, gentle nudging into making a purchase, obtaining additional information, accepting deposits and much more!


In-bound Sales: Customers call in every day, and they are NOT convinced. We can close those deals for you and our staff are aces at up-selling! You’ll see higher bookings and happier customers.

What we provide:

Confidentiality: We will ensure your customers’ information is kept separate and secure. Any payments will be processed with the strictest confidentiality and can be reported back to you daily.

Script Services: We can tailor your script to be more effective and produce better results on a larger scale. Or, we can completely write those for you!

Quality Assurance: No matter if it is In-bound, Out-bound or Special Services we can guarantee that every call is monitored. With strict script adherence and on-going coaching we can assure you that your customers will be handled the correct way, in every way.

Call us today on 0508 238 837 to talk to us more about our Call Centre outsourcing services.

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