Kai Kitchen Hawera

Not having lunch doesn’t only impact on a child nutritionally, but also socially and emotionally. Good nutrition has a major impact on a child’s brain development. Lack of it impacts a child’s performance in class. Not being able to focus and concentrate results in poor performance in the classroom. Some children are bullied because they can’t afford lunches while some seclude themselves and become bullies. With children of her own, Rochelle couldn’t fathom why the society is letting this happen so she started The Kai Kitchen, this is a School Lunches programme which is making 76+ school lunches daily, provide emergency food parcels to families in need and also offer school uniforms and stationary to those in emergency situations.


We held our better Friday (in this case, Fake Friday) on the 29th of March with the purpose of landing a hand to The Kai Kitchen. The land based training and horticulture joined us for this “Better Friday”. We mixed the teams up and split them into 2, blue team and red team. And had a “cook off”. The teams had to dress in their team colours and were given mystery ingredients to make a meal. The teams also brought gold coins which we will use to purchase some lunch items for the kids.

Plate of food

The judge was Rochelle, founder of Kai Kitchen. Both teams did incredibly well, however there could only be one winner and the winning team was….drum roll……..team blue. Kio ora to everyone who participated and to Rochelle for coming through. You really showed that it takes a village to raise a child!

The Powder Room:

We are now a drop off point for The Kai Kitchen powder room. A lot of young girls are missing school because their families can’t afford sanitary items. Rochelle approached us to be a drop of centre for anyone who would like to donate any toiletries or sanitary items.