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WISE Better Homes: Insulating Taranaki and Rotorua

Whether you're building from scratch or you need to warm up your existing home, Contact WISE Better Homes now.

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Why should YOU insulate?

Without insulation your home will lose heat through the roof, the walls and the floor which will in turn make your home cold, damp and ultimately impact on your family's health. This is why the current New Zealand building code demands that approved insulation be fitted to new houses as they are being built.

For houses built before 2000, insulation specified may have been inadequate, is no longer in good condition or in the case of many older houses, never fitted at all. In these cases insulation can be easily retrofitted into the ceiling and underfloor cavities if they are accessible, with virtually no impact on the structure of the house. For more information on making your home warmer, healthier and more energy efficient at the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority's (EECA) Energywise website.

Introducing Ernie Rudderfudd

Ernie Rudderfudd is the newest addition to the WISE Team.

As a well read scholar, Ernie is more than qualified to bring our customers the latest news regarding insulation, Landcare and many other topics.  Ernie will feature in our newsletter, on our Facebook page and also here on our Website, with WISE and interesting tidbits.  If you have a question you think Ernie may be able to answer, he can be contacted through WISE.  Just email your question to: info@betterhomes.co.nz or via our facebook page.?